Re: St Louis RPM & RPM Status—Play It Forward

Bill Welch

Regarding RPM's lets not forget the meets that alternate between the Philadelphia area and the Pittsburg area in March usually I think. I agree with Tony about Joe's passive recruiting style. Martin was really good at recruiting people none of us knew plus he clearly created something that spawned the other events like Cocoa Beach and the Collinsvilles.

I would add that Pierre Oliver's observation earlier today about complaints about the decline in the quality of content or words to that effect if I understood Pierre's comments correctly is so on target. I have to believe that there are several people on this list are capable of doing a presentation or at least making a contribution to a Blog like on Resin Car Works website. Imagine that if half of the people that had models at Collinsville wrote up something about what they did, how much richer we would be and multiply that by Cocoa Beach, Lisle, Collinsville, CT, Pittsburg/Philadelphia.

What I am saying is please start "Playing it Forward." Please somebody start with "Northeastern Boxcars Beyond NYC/B&O/PRR: All Those Other RR's"

Bill Welch

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