Collinsville, IL RPM Report

Andy Carlson

You wrote about purchasing a GREX air brush.

I have used my Paasche V-1(3) single action AB since the 1970s and I have been pleased for the most part with it. I had purchased a double action/internal mix Badger sometime in the early 1990s and never felt comfortable with it, so it was rarely used after my 1st experience with it.

A few years ago, there was a Great Train Show type of event at our local fairgrounds. GREX was an exhibitor there, and they had an artist's tear-off page easel which was used for demos of their airbrushes. I was encouraged to give one a try, and lo and behold--it was so intuitive and smooth that I purchased right there on the spot.I too, purchased a quick disconnect and several other accessories. I have never tried an Iwatta, and it seems to be a favorite of many, but like a Highliners F unit is so good, I have no need to try something else. Thats what I feel about the GREX.

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I thought I would try to tell interested modelers about my experience at the recent RPM event at Collinsville, IL  co-ordinated by John Golden and his Posse. Since it was my first time, I was intrigued that there was only one Clinic going on at a time and thought perhaps the facility did not have enough room for more than one. As it turns out unlike Naperville/Lisle and Cocoa Beach, Collinsville intentionally only offers one Clinic at a time so that people have more time to look at models, shop, talk to each other or do like I did and spend much of Friday weathering a Central of Georgia 50-ft PS-1 CofG 5509 weathering

 with the guidance of Dave Schroedle. I also made a connection with fellow Dodgers fan Gary Christensen from the Weathering Shop. 

There were many beautiful models as John Golden has shared with us. It was especially nice to see more of Jack Spencer's incredible skills at super detailing freight car models, and someone's A-B-A set of M&StL FTs realistically weathered. Bob's, Mainline, and Big-Four were selling photos and I dropped some coins there. Resinators were pleased with Chad Boas, Resin Car Works/Frank Hodina, Yarmouth Model Works/Pierre Oliver, and Funaro & Camerlengo all selling our favored medium. I purchased  7K and 8k Acid Tank car kits from RCW (the 8K kit has three different domes) and parts fo! r a Charleston & Western Carolina autocar based on a steel rebuild of a SS car from Chad. I started working on the C&WC casting Monday morning. I also bought the decals for the car done by Musk Island, the first of his product I have purchased. Chad is working on three flats I think he said, one of which represents a short steel cast flat. I decided to wait until October and N/L to purchased one of YMW's ATSF 12-panel ATSF post-WWII steel boxcars. The patterns for these cars were done by Aaron Gjermundson and he has captured the look of these cars beautifully. Particularly notable to me is how he captured the variations of the tabs along the sill. The kits cover Bx-48, -50, -51, -53, -60, -62 and -63 classes. One thing to be aware of is that RCW kits are very much Limited Production. If you want one, you better order it soon!

Much to the amusement (and undoubtedly to the mystification) of my friends at Collinsville I did purchase yet another Airbrush. I had been hearing the GREX "Siren's Song" from afar for awhile now but when I was in the same room with them it was hard to resist, especially when I got the "pistol gripped" Tritium.TG in my hand. It was very impressive that GREX's national Sales Representative Bryant Dunbar was there supporting their dealer Chris Merseal/CRM Hobbies ( I was not the only one seduced as Mr. Merseal sold out of his pistol grip models and took at least two orders for them. One modeling friend was right behind me to buy one and later I saw another friend trying one out after i showed him mine. I tried to keep Badger's John Lee from pouting by reassuring him my Badger 155 Anthem will still be my workhorse. CRM is primarily a Military Model hobby shop but they carry all of the Tru-Color line of paints. My GREX came with a .3mm needle/nozzle set up and I purchased .2mm, .5mm, and .7mm needle/nozzle set ups and a Quick Disconnect fitting. I purchased it for slightly less than t! he best price I have found online. Here is a photo of my GREX:
Back to the format of the meet. It really works. There were at least 300 people on Friday which meant if the clinic room was at its capacity of 80 that well over 200 people were shopping, looking, and talking to each other. Personally I was not impressed with the offerings of the Small Tool dealer. Tangent offered no hints on upcoming releases but many were thinking it will be another tank car. I did see the new Kadee 11k tank car and I learned that Broadway Limited has wisely engaged a well known Freight Car historian to consult for their announced tank car project.

Finally towards the end of the event, several of us were wondering where the heck is Frank Peacock?!

Bill Welch

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