Attending RPM meets

Andy Carlson

I have attended many RPM meets, and it takes more than a short-drive local event to encourage me to attend. After being royally spoiled by the many Naperville events I have attended, I earlier tried a Pacific Northwest and SF bay area RPMs, and the Western RPM meet (formerly a WP modeling event). I will not make any efforts to return to any of them.

Unlike Naperville (And thankfully Cocoa Beach) all of the other RPMs seem to attract modern modelers. I am not against modern modeling intrinsically, just like it in moderate doses. Martin's Naperville had by far a greater percentage of STMFC stuff than modern. After Joe took over the reins, I see the event morphing into something like all of the other RPMs--modern to the near-exclusion of steam-era stuff. While some may note that it is up to the modelers to bring stuff, but I see the emphasis/promotion of modern era representation to the point that I don't really expect to attend another Naperville.

Fortunately, as the Naperville meet declines, Cocoa Beach is on the ascendency and it reminds me of Naperville of a decade ago. I do feel that the great Naperville event was sort of an equivalent of a hostage takeover. With so many RPMs being so tilted towards more modern stuff, I can see that the folks driven away from Naperville are not being replaced on a one-on-one basis, hence the decline in attendance. I actually feel anger at what has happened to Naperville. I wish that Martin had selected another promoter to replace himself.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

One of the great attractions of so many RPM now taking place is that more “locals” can attend one near them. It is no longer necessary to go to Naperville.
Doug Harding


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