Re: STL RPM 2015 - Thanks!


Having been to many RPM Meets; Naperville, Cocoa Beach, WPM, BAPM etc, this years St Louis meet has to be at or near the the top of the list. Granted there is only clinic going on at a time, BUT, everything is in ONE big room, vendors, historical societies, manufacturers, photo sellers, weathering, N Scale Module and 1950 plus models and food outside.. It gives people a chance to interact that didn't go off to a clinic. Two days for $25 plus one door prize ticket. They said they gave away 260 items to the 385 attendees. Pretty good odds.


The recent Naperville hotel is a hike from the clinic rooms to the almost empty Vendor room or Model room. You never see anyone. Cocoa Beach is better in that respect, but the model /vendor room is much smaller. Tim points out the social aspect of these meeets, and St Louis really accomplishes it.


Dave Hussey

No pictures from me this year

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