Re: Attending RPM meets

Tom Madden

I can't imagine going to a meet and not presenting a clinic. In the give and take and Q&A of a clinic I usually learn more than I deliver. It also forces me to interact with people, which doesn't come naturally. Put me in a room full of strangers and I'll either have an anxiety attack or go off in a corner and mull projects and problems over in my mind. Drives my wife crazy.

This year I plan on being at Naperville/Lisle, mainly so I can spend a few days at the Newberry Library beforehand and then get together with (hopefully) Frank H., Pierre and Aaron, who can't make it to Cocoa Beach but with whom I'm involved in several projects. Like others, I sense the meet will eventually morph into more modern topics than I'm interested in, but that's Joe's thing. I first met him back in the 1980s when I was totally involved in Colorado narrow gauge and he was Mr. Intermodal. We had nothing in common, and (because of my reticence) nothing to talk about.

I was part of Martin's traveling circus of clinicians, presenting regularly at Naperville and at his two March meets in California (Monrovia and Pleasanton). In the course of that I met and came to know many of you. Great times. Joe has never contacted me about presenting, but I recently contacted him and asked if he'd be interested in my 'Designing for 3D Printing" clinic at N/L. He accepted with enthusiasm.

So we can't hold Joe completely responsible for the lack of steam/transition era presentations. If we all hold back our prophecies about the future of  Naperville/Lisle will be self-fulfilling.

See you there...

Tom Madden

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