Re: St Louis RPM

Tim O'Connor

Before, I met Richard, Tony, Mont, Clark or anyone besides Bruce Smith, Larry Kline, and Ben Hom, my original purpose of going to Naperville was to purchase Sunshine kits.
Brian J. Carlson, P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

lol -- to be sure -- Martin would bring thousands of kits and get cleaned
out in no time. Al Westerfield was also very active in the 1990's and early
2000's, and then Bob purchased the McCoy collection OMG !! there was a real
feeding frenzy. Not to mention our "clown car" trips to Des Plaines Hobbies.

But it's been what, almost 20 years, the world moves on. Lots of young modelers
who are as old NOW and we were THEN so they want to model what they saw with their
own eyes.. which means 1970+/- instead of 1950+/-

As Bill says it's incumbent on steam era guys to pay it forward -- If you have
an amazing photo collection, lots of data, or just want to talk about modeling
something you love, we've got to do it -- the clock is ticking.

Tim O'

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