Re: St Louis RPM


Tim O'Connor writes:

"But it's been what, almost 20 years, the world moves on. Lots of young modelers
who are as old NOW and we were THEN so they want to model what they saw with their
own eyes.. which means 1970+/- instead of 1950+/-"

Perhaps...and certainly I have no clue what someone is selling. However, don't sell steam TOO short. Apparently the recent reincarnation of ex-N&W 611 attracted an estimated 40,000 people to trackside in VA...very similar to what we saw when it first came out under steam. Add the similar reincarnation soon of the Santa Fe 2900 class and 4449's return not to mention others such as SR's 4501. And, of course, the totally unexpected return of Big Boy 4014 and you have to wonder. Me? I'm already reserving a room in Cheyenne for 2019.

Mike Brock

As Bill says it's incumbent on steam era guys to pay it forward -- If you have
an amazing photo collection, lots of data, or just want to talk about modeling
something you love, we've got to do it -- the clock is ticking.

Tim O'

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