Re: STL RPM 2015 - Thanks!

Clark Propst

Glad to hear positive reviews from RPM veterans Bill and Dave.
I am credited with being involved in the meet, but really I am not. I just complain and offer suggestions that are usually shot down. Although this year they did take my suggestion and offer a slide show Friday night for those not wishing to drive to the layout open houses. I can sit and watch slides till the wee hours, but my companions are not so inclined. After awhile we retired to the lobby for a few beers and chips and lots of BS until they threw us out.
I do not complain publicly about any of these events knowing a bit about what it takes to put one on. Mark Fedderson made table leg extensions for the model display tables at Naperville. Really helps get the models in front of you. I believe his idea was copied at Cocoa Beach? Because of the shear number of display tables at St Louis these extensions are impractical. Usually there are lots of chairs around so you can sit down to view the models. I am guessing that because of the growth of the event there seemed to be fewer chairs this year. Last year there was a stack of chairs at the back of the room you could grab. This year they were locked up. I found out the center charges $3 + – for each chair! Next year I am thinking of suggesting a admission hike to cover the cost of more chairs or being a folding chair of my own...
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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