Re: Attending RPM meets

Clark Propst

I truly enjoy the CCB meet. But it cost me a lot of money to attend. I now need to build a new layout so my limited hobby money is going to be spent on that project. I will be pining come January for sure.
Jason Klocke was a last minute attendee at St L this year and put together a clinic on his layout Friday night. I offered to give up my time slot to him. There was a cancelation which allowed him to present too. We switched time slots because Jason had to fly home. I sat down near Jack Spencer and Jack asked what was going on? As it was my turn to show. I told him the Jason is to scenery what he is to freight car modeling.  Hope Jack enjoyed?
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa
It is VERY interesting to read the comments abou the various RPM meetings.

I would be very surprised if the leaders of other RPM meetings are not taking notes. I know that I am.


-Jeff Aley
Clinic Chairman
Prototype Rails [Cocoa Beach] 2016

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