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Having seen all in person, I have to say, to my eye, there were groups of P&LE box cars that appeared a slightly redder brown than those of most NYC cars. I noted an overall shift of all cars of fifties vintage System cars to a redder shade of brown, but the box cars looked different. There may have been shop and/or vendor variations in there, as most P&LE equipment was coming out of their own shops. The IHB cars I saw looked similar to P&LE equipment, for some reason. I am not sure anyone knows the entire story, so I go by photos I believe have accurate color rendition.

Elden Gatwood

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Was the late steam era "boxcar car red" used on IHB and PLE equipment the same color as used on NYC equipment?

WRT to the date ranges for using brown or black overall on gondolas, did the dates for those paint specs for IHB and PLE gondolas the same as the NYC?

I'm assuming the answer to both are yes but I figure it's always best to ask this group before assuming anything.

Dave Nelson

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