This car was the subject of a kit bashing article in a small publishing run modelers specialty RR car how-to book, perhaps in the 70's.

While I have the book, I'm not sure where it is and unfortunately I do not recall just what the car is meant for.

I might recall it as being a combination of fuel, water, pump and tool car for MOW.... But I'm just not sure. 

As I recall, that book also have a construction article of a low bodied Soo Line shop built wedge plow where the modeler got the basic plow angles quite obviously wrong and some East Coast freight barge.... If that helps to have someone remember that they have that book and can locate it and the article.

Mike Bauers

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Brian Ehni wrote:
"Any ideas?"

This specific car isn't listed at Terry Link's NYCS Freight Car summary, but we do know that lot 712-F flat cars were converted to several different special services, including adding bulkheads, coil hoods, auto frame and steel forging racks, calcium carbide containers, and as idler flats for export diesels.
Ben Hom

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