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Andy Harman

At 02:50 AM 8/13/2015 -0400, you wrote:
* Name tags that contain a title like MMR (good heavens if I could make a name tag like that I would pin it on
So I guess I won't be in my Sir Winston Beech epilets. I've been knighted by a queen... rather my brother once threw a chess piece at me in the dark.
* Trophies from other Organizational meets from the past...
I don't have any of these to worry about, never entered the race.

I do being a selection of fine cigars, but the smokers have disappeared along with my fellow night owls. Very few people left in the hotel bar for last call anymore. Nobody to shoot the bull with after 11 pm but I go up to my room and keep bulling away on line and updating everyone with the day's events.


* (oh Please I have never brought nor would I ever consider bringing my Brass Bell, my two year old Grandson has more fun with it than I do...)
We are a like minded group in every way. We should be treated with respect and think in terms of a Fellowship.

John's right he should never limit in any way the creativity of any Fellow that makes the choice to share.

Greg Martin

Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean

John Golden writes in part :

Hi Bill,
Thanks for the positive and thorough report. I wish we would've had time to chat more but I"m glad you got around and had a chance to look at everything.

We've got a lot of things to work on at our event, and invariably folks commented to me about Naperville and how it has changed. Naturally every meet is different and I didn't allow myself to be baited into a conversation about who's meet is better and so forth. Every meet is different, and that's what's so cool about RPMs. St. Louis is not Naperville and can't/won't "replace" it. We never intended to do that. We just want to provide a good product for model railroaders to come and enjoy themselves, meet and greet, and learn things and get inspired. In that way all RPMs big and small accomplish their goal. You've been to a lot of them and I think we' agree on that. &nb sp;

Anyway if I didn't think Naperville was good, I wouldn't be planning on going there in a few months--as I am--plus MARPM in Fredricksburg. MARPM sounds fun and different and I'd like to check it out. I'd also like to get to Atlanta RPM but it's so close to MARPM that I can't make both.

Aaron Gerdmunson (name butchered on purpose, 'cause I couldn't spell it right anyway, even with a dictionary) and I were talking about only running 14 clinics vs. 50 at the 'Ville, and he said something neat to me. His opinion means a lot. He said that there was so much to see at STL that he was glad there weren't too many clinics--it took him a day and a half to get around and see everything. I considered that a compliment, because I want there to be a wide variety of things to do, and see, and try, and experiment, and lots of diverse models to look at, and lots of peopl e to see and talk to. Did you see, for example, that guy Jeff Otto who was hand-building turnouts? I didn't even know that dude was coming, and his work was phenomenal. There he was, hard at work and had people crowded all around him. In that regard there's no time for more clinics because there's just too much to do.

Anyway we think we'll have two clinic rooms next year, but mix things up a bit. What I want to do is provide an additional room for a few more clinics, maybe--gasp!--16, and then make the room available for a deep historical society seminar, or a P48 meeting, or an N scale seminar, or different things that need a dedicated room for sub-events that "aren't quite clinics". Your thoughts? I've also reserved the fourth ballroom so we'll go another 5,000 sq. ft. again--total of about 22,000 sq. ft. because we think we can fill it and still pay the bills.

More to follow later...


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