Re: I don't really think of the B&A as serving areas rich in mineral

Eric Hansmann

The Clearfield and Cambria county (PA) coal fields were served by the NYC. I read somewhere long ago that they had close ties to the Cambria & Indiana coal hauler, too.


The T&OC line east of Columbus served coal fields near Zanesville and in the Hocking Valley area. This also connected with the former Kanawha & Michigan line into West Virginia. While the NYC accepted lots of coal interchange at Deepwater from the Virginian, they generated more carloads from their part ownership of the NF&G that tapped into major Gauley field coal reserves.


Another NYC served coal field was in the Dillonvale, OH area, just west of Mingo Junction and the upper Ohio valley. This coal moved north on a branch line to Alliance then onto Cleveland and Lake Erie.


I’m not as familiar with their Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois operations.


Eric Hansmann

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The NYC originated a lot more coal than you think.  It's lines in central PA were almost as extensive as the PRR's.


Quoting from the 1948 annual report, coal as a percent of:


Carloads - 30.4%

Tonnage - 43.0%

Revenue - 20.2%

Car fleet - 45.3% all open tops, including gons


This does not include coal off the P&LE unless it came in interchange.


I might also add that the anthracite portion of the coal business was around 15%.


Dave Staplin

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