Re: Attending RPM meets

Tony Thompson

Eric Hansmann wrote:

I think there is something else happening. These RPM events did begin with a predominantly steam/transition era focus, but the modern guys started attending and wanted to participate. 

      Actually, Eric, this is not historically true. The kernel of the RPM movement really WAS modern modelers, who in that day were often putting a lot of work into accurate prototype detailing of commercial diesel locomotive models, and who found themselves getting minimal points and sometimes even derogatory comments in NMRA contests in the 1980s, when NMRA contest rules were strongly oriented toward scratchbuilding and heroic amounts of work, while giving virtually no credit for prototype conformity. (This has since changed to some extent.) The result was RPM. Certainly the transition-era people jumped into it right away, but the real impetus in the beginning WAS with more modern modelers.

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