Re: Collinsville, IL RPM Report


I had a great time at the Collinsville, RPM.  Great job to all who put on a great show.  I was thoroughly exhausted, mentally and physically after the meet, yet enjoyed it.  I attended about half of the clinics.

Anyway, the reason for this post.  Guys, lets not kill of Naperville/Lisle just yet.  At 900 miles, it is the closest RPM event to me.  The crew at Collinsville put on one hell of a show, and there isn't any reason why we all can't step up and make Naperville a great one too.  I am sending a Speaker Information Form to Joe, as soon as I fill it out.  Not sure if he still has slots open, but I will offer anyway.

I heard rumors of a RPM taking shape in the Twin Cities next spring.  Wouldn't that be fun?

Aaron Germundson

I misspell my own name sometimes.  Oops......I forgot the J.

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