PFE R-70-2 -> more questions


Hello friends,

at first I want to thank the fellows posting and answering my PFE R-70-2 questions here when I wasn't even a member. Now this is my first post - with more questions. A dear friend of mine is building those cars for me and he uploaded the first pics at his website:

Modelle der 1930er Jahre

Don't know if the link will work as intended - it shoud lead directly to the R-70-2 project. If not and you are at the top, please scroll down.

At the instructions front page is a photo of the prototype with very distinctive "cover plates" at the outsides of truck bolsters. The instructions don't mention them, but I would like to know how often these were installed, and only on rebuilt cars or on originals, too. My friend did scratchbuilt them as you can see at his pics.

Also, for the rebuilt versions - where can I get the Equipco style hatches? Preferably in brass.

Many thanks again and best Regards

Johannes Markwart

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