Re: I don't really think of the B&A as serving areas rich in mineral resources


I supplied data in the past on the other end of the lake.

See the posts of 65627 and 65630 for that data. This also gives classes of coal and where it came from.

This (these posts) covers the Northern Pacific.

And then.... figure that the GN, the SOO Line, the CNW/Omaha, the Milwaukee Road (trackage rights over the NP since 1925 Twin Ports/Twin Cities) "also carried about an equal amount of tonnage".

   Before anyone jumps on that last phrase, I base that on a letter from one of the coal companies in Duluth to the NP sales traffic department that stated (to paraphrase) - we feel that you, the NP, get your fair share of this traffic. I talked this over with Jerry Masters who worked on the NP in the upper offices and he agreed that it was a proper assumption that everyone of the above got a pretty equal share - as that was the best way to both fend off the salesmen, and make sure shipping prices were the best that could be got.

  The lake coal traffic off the lake, was so great that from a 1930 NP report, The Report on Open Top Cars, it stated that this one area of traffic was the determinant in what type of hopper or gon the NP should purchase. And an additional 1939 update came to the same conclusion. This road with the vast lignite reserves out in Montana.

And yes, in the reports within the NP I have read, there was competition from the Milwaukee, the M&StL, the Q, and the IC to try and make inroads into the Twin Cities market.

The comment that Mark H made about eastern cars going off line. I need to find and post the Service Orders for returning coal cars to their owners. They must have enough for there to be return home restrictions placed.


                                                                                                         Jim Dick - Roseville, MN


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