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Steve and Barb Hile

I don't generally make too many comments on the topics du jour, but I do need to add to the compliments for the recent RPM in Collinsville.  I have attended the last three or four and they have gotten better each year.  There are so many interesting models to see, suppliers to look at and hands on weathering to try that I was forced to forgo at least one clinic in order to even scratch the surface.  The number of models available to view was truly incredible.

The clinics I did attend were all first rate and almost all filled the available room.  Jason Klocke is such an artist.  It is hard to imagine anyone who could hold the interest of a group with pictures of a layout where the trains were not even visible or only ancillarily.  But he does such an incredible job with his right of way and blending scenery into the backdrops.  Well done.  The other clinics were also interesting.

I attend RPM meets for the clinics, so I would welcome a second room and additional clinic choices, although it would entail asking some/all clinicians to do repeats.  And we might need to push the evening hall closing back an hour or two to add some time to the schedule.

Having the on-site, reasonably priced lunch was helpful, although there are plenty of options nearby, which make this venue nearly ideal.

Having a couple of self guided layouts for Friday evening is also very nice.  No one misses a "banquet" that would likely cost more that the registration fee!  The Thursday night informal gathering at the Bandana Square attracted about 75 this year, nearly overwhelming the restaurant.

I would vote for the raised table height, if possible for the model displays and (again, I am not sure if it is possible,) but I would appreciate it if the display room were just a bit brighter lit.

Of course the chance to connect with so many friends and aquaintences is one of the most valuable facets of these meets.  Hoping to see everyone in Naperville and Cocoa Beach.  I am going to try the Michiana NMRA/RPM meet in South Bend next month, again.  That one, though smaller, has been fun in the past.  See

for more details.

Thanks very much to John, Lonnie, et. al. for a great time in St. Louis.

Steve Hile

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