Re: Canadian Tank Cars

Ian Cranstone

From: Stafford Swain <sswain@...>
Respecting Canadian tank cars, despite having an insider working at
Procor (the successor to the Canadian arm of UTLX) who has scoured
their older records, we "Canadian tank car fiends" do not have
anything to tell us how the old I.O.X. fleet (which we have fairly
complete information on as to numbers and car designs) was renumbered
into the much larger U.T.L.X. roster in the 1950s.

Logic/experience tells me that if we had the relevant ORER pages for
BOTH the disappearing I.O.X. fleet and the then expanding U.T.L.X.
fleet, we should be able to figure most of this out. This renumbering
period begins ca 1952 and ends perhaps ca 1957.
I'll narrow that down a bit to a range between mid/late 1953, when UTLX
started listed the former Imperial cars, and early 1960 when they last
listed any of the predecessor reporting marks.

Actually, in this case the ORERs have not been a lot of help. They do
chronicle the dwindling IOX fleet quite well, unfortunately UTLX opted to
scatter these former IOX cars into various UTLX number series, which tended
to group very large groups of dissimilar cars into massive number series.
UTLX wasn't alone in doing this, but it does make tracking tank cars through
the ORER awkward at best.

What I have discovered that I think is potentially quite useful, was a copy
of a volume called "Tank Car Capacities" (or some similar title, as I don't
have it handy in front of me at the moment). The only copy I have ever seen
was dated August 1960, and listed each tank car in service by individual
number, along with detailed shell volume and dome volume capacities in
gallons. Even better, it differentiates between the UTLX and the Canadian
UTLX cars by listing them in separate sections. I have to believe that if I
could discover a cache of these things somewhere that covered the
appropriate date ranges that I could literally come up with some very
probable specific car to car renumberings. Alas, to date I have yet to
locate another copy, and since by mid-1960 the renumbering was complete...
well, you can guess the rest. I do think that with some work I should be
able to identify the major probable former IOX groups within the UTLX
numbers listed even given this single volume.

Ian Cranstone
Kanata, Ontario, Canada

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