Re: Modeling Reading HT class 2 bay hoppers

Jack Mullen

Tim O'Connor said:
That's interesting. The Gerstley 1949 photo shows the Wine door locks
mounted on the side of the outlet bays. Maybe they were relocated during
the rehab ?

I'm not sure what the Gerstley 1949 photo is, but the bldr photo of 67300 shows Wine locks. The in-service photo of 66180 shows Enterprise. 

The diagram sheet for HTs cars series 67359-67999 and 66000-66999 reproduced in RPC29, p67 has the notation; "Door fixtures - Wine & Enterprise" No indication of which cars had what, but the only photos I've noticed with Wine locks wereof cars numbered  673xx. Photos I've found of 66ooos and higher 67000s have Enterprise.

Again, Wine locks have the left and right door connected, Enterprise locks have doors operating individually.

Jack Mullen

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