Re: Calculating Motive Power Requirements

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Thanks for the link to Al Klug's site. I'll play with the calculator to see how it might be used in model railroad operation.

Nelson Moyer

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I agree with Bruce on his statements regarding the employees timetables.  I believe that the dispatcher has the final say on signing off on the power assigned.  The wind and temperature are also a factor. The dispatchers train sheets have blanks for this data that is typically filled in.

Nelson, for more data look for the website/blogsite Tales from the Krug


It has some interesting data however out of respect for the sheriff, I will note the date frame of the site well post dates this sites 1960 cut off. Al Krug is an interesting railroader and has put some useful data on the site.  
                                                                                                       Jim Dick - St. Paul, MN

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