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My guess it was CASO...for Canada Sotuhern.

Coal was very commonly carried in box cars for those customers that did not have a coal dock for bottom dumping. Pretty much was gone by end of WW2

It may have lasted somewhat longer at the head of the lakes, because North Dakota lignite, being just one step removed from peat, doesn't weather well, and was typically carried in boxcars. That may have set the handling preference for a lot of small customers.

I seem to recall That C. Reiss in Duluth had equipment to load lake coal into boxcars well after WWII. Koppers loaded coke in boxcars. A few years after the end of the era of interest of this list Koppers apparently retired their boxcar loader;the Soo Line was convinced to rebuild several box and stock cars as roofless coke cars, to serve customers that still wanted to wheel the load out the door.

Dennis Storzek

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