Re: Scout slogan on Santa Fe Bx-37 #141758

George Hollwedel

After looking at the Intermountain website and my Santa Fe lettering book, its seems that all the Scout and Grand Canyon numbers are reversed. My bet would be on Richard being right.
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Subject: [STMFC] Scout slogan on Santa Fe Bx-37 #141758?

Intermountain sells a Santa Fe Bx-37 141758 with the Scout slogan.

According to Richard Hendrickson's painting guide this is incorrect, but there are photos in Dobyne's book on Santa Fe Boxcars that indicate Richard's list may not be 100% accurate.

Since Intermountain is usually pretty good with prototype details, I'm wondering if anyone can clear this up or best yet point me to a photo of this car?

Thanks in advance

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