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bill stanton

Thanks very much for the great info.

Now can you tell me what the assignments were for the Grand Canyon slogan on Bx-37s since Intermountain seems to be at variance with Richard's listing on those as well?

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Intermountain sells a Santa Fe Bx-37 141758 with the Scout slogan.

According to Richard Hendrickson's painting guide this is incorrect, but there are photos in Dobyne's book on Santa Fe Boxcars that indicate Richard's list may not be 100% accurate.

Since Intermountain is usually pretty good with prototype details, I'm wondering if anyone can clear this up or best yet point me to a photo of this car?
Pat Wider's article about Santa Fe's Bx-37 box cars published in RP CYC Vol. 25 documents the cars and the slogan assignments by using information from original Pullman stencil drawings and verifying to the greatest extent possible using builder photos supplemented with in-service photos.

Pat knew that various sources identifying the slogans for the Bx-37 box cars sometimes conflicted. He spent considerable time collecting information from many sources and using first-source material that included Pullman drawing 514-H-6, Rev. E, and numerous Pullman builder photos.

A table on p. 11 of RP CYC Vol. 25 lists the slogan assignments for the first two orders of Bx-37 box cars. The first order, lot 5652, for 2,010 cars became clear that cars in series 141301-143310 used 5 train slogans with 402 cars in numerical sequence using each one.

For your question, the second group of 402 cars, 141703-142104, had The Scout slogan, which was further verified with a builder photo of 142097. Each of the 5 builder photos taken from lot 5652, built 4-6/1941, with their respective slogans were corroborated by these car no. assignments.

The second Bx-37 order of 1,000 cars built later in 1941 followed suit but with 200 cars each.  Try as we did, the slogan assignments for the final series of 2,000 Bx-37's (145500-147499) could not be fully determined despite having builder photos and car numbers of four slogans.

Hope this helps.
Ed Hawkins

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