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Andy Carlson

I use MEK to solvent glue my styrene masters to the floor of the styrene mold box. If gluing resin parts to the mold box, I use CA. Of course this is a permanent bond so the master is not easily separated, though that has never been a concern of mine.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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When making a mold out of two part rubber to use to cast a resin part, I use a styrene made mold box into which I attach the master to the floor of the box. After mixing the two part rubber I pour it in over the master.   I have always used rubber cement to attach a master to the floor of the mold box.   When making a mold this past week I had a master which was the side of a reefer rise into the rubber on one end of the mold.   The rubber cement did not hold this time.  So began thinking there may be a better product to use to attach the master part rather then rubber cement.   I am asking those of you who make molds what adhesive you use, if any, to attach a master to the mold box form if used.
Lester Breuer

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