Re: I don't really think of the B&A as serving areas rich in mineral resources

Jim Mischke

B&A ribbed and offset side hoppers could be found far from home in dedicated service seemingly unrelated to B&A.

Example from 1965-1974:   J&L Steel opened a new iron ore mine called Adams at Kirkland, Ontario in early 1965, ore destined to steel mills at Cleveland, Aliquippa and Pittsburgh.   Routing was Ontario Northland -  Canadian National - Canada Southern - P&LE.  Hopper cars were contributed in proportion to mileage.    Later in this service, B&A hopper cars were involved, possibly to cover the NYC/P&LE share.

I would speculate that one can find pre-1960 examples of NYC subsidiary roads serving the system in service other than for what they were acquired.

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