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Engelhard did not get into the kaolin business until 1963 according to this Wikipedia article: . IIRC, kaolin was shipped in boxcars, sometimes equipped with roof hatches, and likely covered hoppers as well. I suspect shipping kaolin slurry in tank cars happened well past our era of interest.

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My off-layout paper mill in Johnsonburg, Pa. in 1964 may need some kaolin clay from time to time, so a northbound Englehard tank car would be a welcome occasional load.

Are there any accurate Englehard tank car models in HO scale?   The Walthers 16,000 gallon tank car decorated for Englehard looks a little clunky, larger than necessary and off period.

I would prefer a slightly smaller, older car from the 1950's.

link:  WalthersProto 100122 - 40' UTLX 16,000-Gallon Funnel Flow Tank Car - Ready To Run - Engelhard #24565 (920-100122) - Walthers Model Railroading


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