Re: Stewart/Bowser offset side 3-bay hopper trucks

D. Scott Chatfield

Jim Mischke asked:

I have a small fleet of Stewart offset triple hopper cars with 1950's road names waiting for assembly and service.
I do not recognize the trucks. The top sideframe arch looks a little shallow to my eyes. What are they? Are
they generic?
and Ben Hom answered:

No. The Stewart trucks model 70-ton ASF A-3 tucks. Alternative is Tahoe Model Works' 70-ton ASF A-3 if you want a >finer model.
Ben is correct. Stewart provided plain or roller bearing ASF A-3 trucks depending on roadname. For a long time these were the only 70-ton A-3s available. The Tahoe is a nicer version of the plain-bearing A-3.

The Accurail "Bettendorf" (says so right on the sideframe arch) is a 50-ton truck, so it's two inches shorter and thus has a slightly more pronounced arch. While a whole inch inboard of the bolster might not sound like much difference, if your layout has tight curves you might find 50-ton trucks are less likely to rub on a hopper's slope sheets. Just something to keep in mind.

Scott Chatfield

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