Re: Type 21 insulated tank car - the prototype reference

Allen Rueter

 Your suspicion is correct, Empire Oil & Refining, one of the operations was in East Chicago.
Allen Rueter
StLouis MO

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I ordered a Walthers ex-Life-Life tank car lettered for Cities Service, since most of the others in their current offering fall into the category of 'too garish and rare' that we've frequently discussed.  I had a nagging feeling I'd seen that one before, and after about an hour or searching the files here and in reference books, that car turned up in the original Richard Hendrickson article, November 2005 RMJ.  It's on Trainlife, even including the images.

The reference is actually a builder's photo of a car ordered by a hydrocarbon producer that was later acquired by Cities Service way before my era, but it proved to me that the reporting marks are right and that the details of the car are correct.  Richard's reference to the intermediate subsidiary is probably not correct, maybe got garbled in the editing -- I suspect it was actually Empire Oil & Refining, but that's only a passing thought and not germane to my purpose.

Ron Merrick

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