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I believe you are speaking of the Roundhouse Old Timer tank car.  It is based on the UTL 'X car' shown in figure 494-496 in the 1906 Car Builders Dictionary and also in some later editions.  It's possible that some of these cars survived into the 1950's.  

The Roundhouse tank itself is fairly close to the prototype, though a few inches large.  Its length is 25'6" where the prototype is 25".  Over the heads it measures 27'2 1/2" where the prototype is 26'6".  I get the Roundhouse diameter as 79 1/2" where the prototype is 76" inside with tank walls of 5/16", so a bit oversize there, too.  A tank of this size would be more like 6,000-6,500 gallons.

The Roundhouse frame is really oversize, however, and not very much like the prototype in appearance either.  A very nice model of this car can be made using the Roundhouse tank and an accurate 3-D printed frame available from Austin Rail Products on Shapeways.

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Is the tank from the Roundhouse/MDC 25' tank car useful for any prototype?  It measures 77" OD and about 26' long, which would make it a 4000 gal car. It is riveted construction. I model 1952.



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