Re: PFE R-70-2 -> more questions


Many thanks for your replies, Mike and Garth. I still hope that somebody else can answer to my other questions which are the very last ones to get the cars done.

Garth, many thanks, too for your nomenclature note. Yes I am living in Germany, so my English sometimes makes some "trouble".
With your hint on Red Caboose I remembered them well since I have built a lot of them - all PFE, different paint schemes. I still have to look for the left-over parts of the kits. Maybe I have luck. Actually there will be 8 of the R70-2 cars, and 3 of them will be of the rebuilt version.
I have had INTERMOUNTAIN to send me replacement parts for about 20 R-40-10 or -23 reefer kits since those parts were all defective. That was no problem. But it was about 7 or 8 years ago. I will try again (and let you know) when I don't have enough Red Caboose parts.

(The close fitting hatch-plugs I think came with the R-40-10 kits - these were grey rectangular blocks. Almost all of my PFE kits I built with open hatch covers. I just looks great to me.)

Thanks again!

Johannes Markwart

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