Rattle can boxcar red


I have often felt that it's too much trouble to get out the airbrush when I'm painting small detail parts, for instance trucks and couplers.  I may paint, for instance, a dozen Kadee couplers by putting them on masking tape so the business end sticks out, or a couple pairs of trucks for current projects, by whipping out the rattle can. 

Black, no problem.  In the post-Floquil world, I have Testors Model Master and even Krylon flat black that work perfectly well. 

Boxcar red, ummmm.  I have a dwindling supply of a couple of cans of Floquil, but I'd like to convert for future use.  And, even better, would be if there are a couple other reds available.  At least, for a steam-era modeler, those blacks and reds are pretty much the color palette for bulk painting.

All I see in the various paint lines are really red reds, tending toward fire engine red.  Even the military lines don't seem to have much.  And most of these colors are gloss, which I would rather not use.  I've found a couple of Testors colors in a bottle, which suit me pretty well for painting underframe details, lift bars and so on.  And, I'm primarily using Tru-Color for general brush painting.  But couplers and trucks, especially, really need to be sprayed. 

Bear in mind, I can't see reds very well due to my colorblindness, which is a specific type that doesn't pick up reds.  I also can't see pastels and fine color variations very well, so I need more help than average. 

I've read some previous threads on this issue and didn't really find anything that was of much use to me, for the rattle can problem.  Suggestions are welcome.

Ron Merrick

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