Re: Rattle can boxcar red


I use rattle cans whenever I can, due to my utter lack of any skill with an airbrush. I find that Scalecoat II BCR is a similar color to Floquil BCR, but of course Scalecoat is glossy where Floquil was dead flat. (I don't know of a currently-offered flat BCR, so I don't really know whether this post is responsive to Mr Merrick or not.) Anyway, Scalecoat II BCR weathers funny, too: Floquil BCR could be weathered nicely with powdered chalks, but chalks on Scalecoat II BCR disappear when hit with Dullcote. To weather Scalecoat II BCR requires Bragdon powders, which I think of as the cavalry of weathering. :-) (When chalks won't weather, Bragdon to the rescue! <music>)

Once Scalecoat II BCR is weathered, though, it's essentially indistinguishable from Floquil BCR weathered.

Curiously, Scalecoat II *Oxide* Red weathers A-O-K with powdered chalks. I have no idea why the difference.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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