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The ends on this series of car were brown. The black ends didn't start until the 54000-series.  The running boards should be wood.

The years 1953-1955 were squarely in the Phoebe Snow billboard era and non-billboard cars then were old and rare. Mid-1955 began the bigger bolder billboard

I wasn't crazy about the artwork or paint on the Branchline cars, so I never bought one, favoring the many IMWX cars that were already in my collection at the time.

Happy modeling, John,                    ....Mike Del Vecchio

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OK, let me try this here (cross-posted from DL&W Modeling site).

I have a pair of 51000 series AAR 1937 DL&W boxcars (Yardmaster -- layout quality).  They both came with black ends and roofs.  The second one, I just got today (51326) hasn't been built yet and I have spare Branchline/ Yardmaster ends and roofs that are unpainted.  I also squirreled away some Champ DL&W decals as they were closing up shop a few years ago.

The question is, for the 1953 -- 1955 time period that I model (pre-Lackawanna billboard) are the black ends and roofs correct?  Since I have spares and decals I can at least correct the second car and make it all brown.  Mike Del Vecchio, what sayest you?

Also, I think these cars had wood running boards, but the 1952 diagram book doesn't say (it does say they had diamond-plate metal brake platforms).

If the answer is brown, I will do this one right and then might go back and mask the roof and ends on the other one and try to correct it -- assuming they were not supposed to be black.

-- John

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