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Roofage was brown; Glidden No.204 standard brown according to the bill of materials records via Ed Hawkins.

IMWX offered the DL&W cars in the as-delivered 49000-series. I have a couple of sets of each number, and a bunch of undecs that I painted using the same Dupont Centari paint we mixed to match original fabric while restoring our DL&W caboose. The best decals for DL&W at the time were the CDS try transfers, which are opaque and look great. Prime Mover Decals has (or will have) good decals.

The IMWX cars out of the box are only correct for the 49000-series. The 51000-series cars did not have poling pockets, though they were the first cars to wear the Phoebe billboard.

I have duplicate numbers and won't build them all. But if you want one send me your address off list and I'll mail you one.

               ....Mike Del Vecchio

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Then it is safe to assume that the roofs were brown too (no black roof cement)?  I think I could see from some of the pics that galvanized roofs (later) were left unpainted.


P.S.  IMWX made some nice cars, but all mine are undec's.  Or did you decal yours?  If so, where the heck did you get DL&W boxcar decals??? Champs (I have some) were the 1955 scheme.

P.P.S.  I've had lots of parts broken off by the ham-fister members of the RR club down here, they do not appreciate prototype models.

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