Re: Rapido announced a NP 10000 series boxcar

Jason Shron

Hi Pierre,

There have been announcements in the past like that, but the vast majority of what we announce, we make when the moulds are ready. We would have liked to sell more Amtrak F40s before the order deadline, so we decided to (gasp!) make a few extra to sell when they arrive.  

The NP 10000 series enters the mould shop in a few weeks.  Once the tooling is 100% finished and we have decorated samples, we'll give a couple of months for final promotion and then start production.  My guess is production will be around this time next year.  It really depends on the assembly workshop's schedule - we have all these strange British passenger trains to make...


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I'm betting that when there are enough pre-orders to assure profit.
Pierre Oliver

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