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³Break² wheel? Does no one proof read anymore?


Brian Ehni

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While NP had thousands of 41-foot cars in service by 1941, I doubt any were
built new for maintenance of way service, even if the car in the CV ad is
numbered in the nonrevenue equipment series. It was customary for surviving
old cars that were still in good condition to be renumbered for nonrevenue
service...sometimes, as it was not unusual for old cars to enter work
service with their revenue p/l intact. This was especially apt to happen
with flat and gondola cars that needed no alteration. And it was also not
unusual for revenue cars to be used for a while in company service and then
go back into revenue service when business became brisk and there was a need
for them.

John C. La Rue, Jr.
Bonita Springs, FL

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As long as we are discussing NP freight cars I have a question about the
Central Valley NP flat car. Was it just a MOW car, or was it used in revenue
service? CV implies it was MOW only, but I want to be sure. Here is a link
to CV's web page describing and showing the car:

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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