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O Fenton Wells

I believe Tichy now makes the decals for this car.  Check their web site.
Fenton Wells

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I'm afraid that Tim (as usual) is correct.  The decal set for the Gould flat car is Champ #HC-646.  I can't believe that I bought
only one set of these decals.  I usually buy two sets as I have difficulty coloring between the lines.  It was a great set
containing lettering for NC%StL, Great Northern (two sizes)  Canadian Pacific, M>K>T, BAR,L&N, T&P & WP.  The set was
printed in 1984.

Hopefully some can be found.


On Aug 30, 2015, at 1:06 PM, Brad Andonian cereshill@... [STMFC] wrote:


I too am interested in the car. Pacific limited did a brads model in o. The box states SP&S had the same car

Brad Andonian

On Aug 30, 2015, 3:45:08 PM, frograbbit602@... [STMFC] wrote:

I just finished adding uncoupling levers to complete assembly of The Gould Company/Tichy Train Group, kit number 4021, a 40 ft. 9 inch, 50 Ton flat car. A photo of like flat car, number 70229, is in the 1928 Car Builders' Cyclopedia, p. 186 and plan is on p. 189. Per the photo caption and prototype history kit instructions the prototype was built in 1928 for the Nashville, Chattanoga and St. Louis Railroad. The car is not in Edward Kaminski's book, American Car and Foundry; however, photos of SP&S and T&P, p. 211, of like design with steel straight sills, twelve stake pockets and deep fishbelly underframe appear. I am asking if someone can provide the series this NC&StL flat car was part of and what color this car may have been painted. I would also like to know if any other roads had flat cars built to this design. Thank You for time and effort to provide this information.

Lester Breuer

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