Re: Interesting image of an early tank car


"Guys, I messed up and forgot to credit Bruce Smith as the original poster of the following comment on PRR-Modeling “

Thus I wish to properly credit Bruce Smith for his original message that repeated sourced parts of Rob Schoenberger’s “Pennsylvania Railroad Rubber Tired Switchers “, on line at, as he posted in another prototype oriented modeling list.

I should have just made use of my own 4 years or more old bookmark of the site, or the made then hard drive data drive archive of that page, and directly quoted from the original Rob Schoenberger site.

In the future, I will be certain to credit not just the original author of the repeated material, I will also credit the repeater of that material.

This was just sent to me on the PRR modeling list….
"Finally, some terminology. Rob Schoenberger indicates that these were "Buckwalter electric tractors" were first built in 1912 and were originally battery powered and then later converted to gasoline engines. Rob says that they were units were PRR Class 3/8000. For a great collection of photos and more information, see Rob's page at:"

Best to ya,
Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi

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