Re: Champ Decals vendors: Are there any?

Tim O'Connor

The article said she wanted $500,000 for the business. That may have
made sense in the glory days of decal sales, but considering that 80%
of the art doesn't meet present day standards of accuracy/fidelity to
the prototype and in any case is all designed to be used with a letter
press rather than a silkscreen, could anyone make a viable business
out of that? The article made it sound like since no offer was made,
the matter is closed.

Tim O'

Bill Welch wrote:

I am surprised that at least Champ's remaining stock was not purchased by someone. The sets in question are re-weigh and re-lube items that match Champ and Walthers decals nicely. __

     True, Bill, and I know of a couple of people who tried to nibble at the remaining stock, or at the artwork. But. Last time I checked, Rich's widow was insisting that anyone buying had to buy everything, down to the office desks, or buy nothing. No cherry picking.

Tony Thompson 

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