Re: Champ Decals vendors: Are there any?

hubert mask

Mr Baker I offer S scale decals on my website    I am limited to the prototypes offered. 

Hubert Mask

Mask Island Decals Inc.

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That the accuracy of "today's best decals" eclipses that of CHAMP is true.  The problem is that the loss of Jerry Glow and Tom Stolte leaves me wondering where "today's best decals" may be found.  I model in S scale so the problem is acute for me.  Both Jerry Glow and Tom Stolte were willing to produce their product in S and to do it at a reasonable price.  It is unfortunate that, as far as I know, no one has purchased the art work from Jerry or Tom.  That would be a step in the right direction.  

Tom Baker

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Compared to the quality and accuracy of today's best decals, buying Champs' stock would be akin to buying Lionel's "Prototypically Correct Paint Schemes" handbook for half a million dollars. By the way, don't the owners know that those decals are "aging?" 
Jerry Michels

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