Re: Champ Decals vendors: Are there any?


I never suggested which printers do the better job, nor that they all can print on decal paper; only that the standard digital decal set can be printed from any of them.

Suggesting that some do it better than others, while all can print from those files.

I'd need to tell you that an article in MR about 1999 where they used an Epson photo printer to full body decal a BN caboose with copious amounts of photo captured graffiti was completely successful.

You may need the printer setting they used in that article to successful print decals on an Epson photo printer. They custom set the print setting on it.

I can pull it up from the MR DVD if you'd like to have those directions and try it with a small test decal.

There is also a test trick used by the Alps printers with print on laser-print decal stock.

They test print proofs on quality laser print paper like Hammermill Laser print paper. That paper prints just like the laser decal paper. That paper seems to be a paper weight photo-quality print media as well. So you should find it useful for photos as well.

I use the stuff and those are my views of the Hammermill laser paper.

I'll boot up the article in a few minutes and see what type of decal paper they used. There are technical differences between ink-jet decal paper and (standard) laser print decal paper. I need to see which type of decal media they used.

I can report back with those print settings and type of decal paper used.

Mike Bauers

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No, not all printers can made decals. Epson ink-jet inks never dry on decal paper, at least not on Microscale's paper, which is the only one I had access to when I tried. It make a sticky mess that ran all over the paper and got on the rollers in my machine.

Other brands of printers might have worked, but since I needed this expensive printer for photographs, I couldn't simply replace it for a few decals.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff


On 8/31/15 9:42 PM, Mike Bauers mwbauers55@... [STMFC] wrote (in part):
. . . Any computer printer can generate the decal set from that digital art-work.

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Mike Bauers
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