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I have that article now.

It’s… Painting with Decals, MR June 2003, by John Socha-Leialoha, page 84-86

For media, he used WHITE ink-jet decal paper. [you likely know why I stressed white….]

He used an Epson C-80 with water-resistant Durabright inks. He writes of how the inks dried slowly and gave him a problem until he changed the printer settings. At first the inks ran together in the default setting. That reads just like the problems you had.

He adjusted the amount of ink used and the paper setting in the print drivers.

John wrote:

“…….The best setting for decal paper on my printer was ‘premium semigloss photo paper.’  On other printers, look for a setting designed for semi-gloss, photo-quality paper”

“I also discovered that I got better results if I set the printer driver to a higher contrast and reduced brightness. Without adjusting these settings, my first attempts resulted in decals that looked faded.” [which I think might be handy for certain weathering effects…mb]

I hope that these settings will make your future decal printings a success.

In a few days, I’ll be trying the same with a Canon Photo-printer I have to set-up. I’ll give these settings a try as well.

Best to ya,
Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi

On Sep 1, 2015, at 11:00 AM, Mike Bauers <mwbauers55@...> wrote:


I'd need to tell you that an article in MR about 1999 where they used an Epson photo printer to full body decal a BN caboose with copious amounts of photo captured graffiti was completely successful.

You may need the printer setting they used in that article to successful print decals on an Epson photo printer. They custom set the print setting on it.

I can pull it up from the MR DVD if you'd like to have those directions and try it with a small test decal.

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No, not all printers can made decals. Epson ink-jet inks never dry on decal paper, at least not on Microscale's paper, which is the only one I had access to when I tried. It make a sticky mess that ran all over the paper and got on the rollers in my machine.

Other brands of printers might have worked, but since I needed this expensive printer for photographs, I couldn't simply replace it for a few decals.

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