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Well, the thread was talking about how to make those models one-day, and then some got a bit off track.

Then again…..

The escaping digital Blue Smoke would be a future way to simulate a boxcar Hot-Box.

Maybe it’s not too far from the list-focus topics after all?


Best to ya,
Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi

On Sep 1, 2015, at 12:49 PM, Don Valentine > wrote:

Since this is 1 September and not 1 April one really has to ask,
it was, or could be, legally transported in a steam era freight car
of any known type!

Cordially, Don Valentine

Schuyler Larrabee
Message 1 of 9 , Today at 12:02 PM

That happens with some decoders now . . . usually only once, though.


Sure, like someday we'll have "real digital" smoke someday.

Tom Casey

Mike Bauers

We do have machines that 3d print in full color.

As of today, they do not have the required resolution we need for scale model lettering…….. or NBW-rivet detail.

Some tomorrow to come, we will have that as well.

Sometime after that, we will have perfect scale models of accurate scale materials. But you won’t be able to handle
them at all without damaging them.


On Aug 31, 2015, at 10:23 PM, Charles Peck wrote:

By the way, I do know one way to do the lettering without decal film.
You put the model into your little 3D printing machine, align the laser
marks, and print the lettering right in place on the car. No, I don't have
that machine. But I bet someone will try.
Chuck Peck in FL

On Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 11:18 PM, Charles Peck <lnnrr152@...> wrote:
The technology in the hobby has advanced by leaps and bounds. It's not going to
stop advancing tomorrow. In 25 years some of us, probably not me, will be seeing
advances hard to imagine today.


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