Re: Champ Decals vendors: - Joint bars

Rex Racer

One of the problems with using ink jet printers for printing decals is that many still use water soluble inks. You need to make sure that your printer uses water resistant ink in order for it to work (or you can use a laser printer). Also, with the exception of Alps, your printer cannot print white. In order to 'print' white, use white decal paper and cover up the area around the white with the same color as the car will be (example: BCR for a BCR boxcar or black for a black tank car). If you are printing either black or any other color than white (as long as it isn't too light - example: yellow), you can use clear decal film, but this is best if you are putting it on a light colored car or if you are printing black.

Jerry Glow: Ordered decals from him 1 1/2 years ago and NEVER got the decals or the money returned and he doesn't answer email so he isn't quite as endearing to me (and last I checked his website was still up with nothing saying how he isn't selling decals anymore). 

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