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Dennis Storzek

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That may be so Garth, but once a PGE car went to, say, the Canadian National, it
might end up in Portland Maine on the Grand Trunk, or any number of other places.
It's highly doubtful that other railroads would pay special attention to a very
ordinary PGE box car. The cars wore standard stencils, which were only required
for cars in unrestricted interchange.

I think you guys are missing the point, as I read it, that statement in the ORER was equivalent to "on line only," except the PGE had made a separate agreement with CP for "switching" (read: local delivery) service in the Vancouver area. I don't think the CP wanted the cars on their greater system, either. My guess, and it's just a guess, is the issue was brakes, and possibly trucks. I don't think the PGE ever spent the money to upgrade their older cars to AB brake. Perhaps there's a PGE historian on the list who can add more.

My impression of the PGE in the WWII era is that they were exceedingly "frugal". As cheap as the Duluth South Shore & Atlantic was, when they finally retired their wooden sleepers in the mid thirties, one of the cars went up north for further service on the FGE.

Dennis Storzek

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