Testors Decal Set

Schuyler Larrabee

I stopped into a Blicks Art Supplies store today to buy several bottles of Testors paint and some solvent/thinner.  I’m not >really< familiar with this paint, but used it on the last Shake’n’Take I did for the sake of the color – turned out well.


But while I was looking at the display, there were large bottles of thinner, plus their usual microscopic size bottles with metal caps.  And two little bottles with plastic caps.  I looked at them and they are marked “Decal Set.”  I was unaware that they make such a product.  The instructions (printed in three languages on these tiny ¼ oz. bottle’s labels, so small I had to scan the bottle so I could blow it up enough to read) simply say “Apply to buffed surface, dip decal in water, position. reapply solution.  After three minutes, blot with moist tissue.  Wait 24 hours to overcoat.”  I presume a “buffed surface” simply means very smooth, or glossy.


Has anybody here used this product?  Experiences?



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