Re: Pacific Northwest Lumber Traffic

Larry Rice

Gary Laasko asked "Given the Hill lines friendly CB&Q connection to Texas in Montana, was there significant GN and NP lumber traffic routed via CB&Q to Texas?

As Greg Martin replied… Yes.

While my detailed statistics (from company correspondence, retiree interviews, broker records and actual waybills) are from a period five to ten years after the end date of this list, there clearly was a regular flow of Washington and Oregon forest products via NP Laurel to CB&Q/C&S/FW&D Dallas via Denver and Amarillo as well as a flow via NP Laurel/Huntley CB&Q to Lincoln Nebraska and on to Kansas City and beyond.

I have anecdotal references to these routes in the fifties, but my information is insufficient to state any volume numbers, percentages, etc.

Larry Rice
Port Townsend WA

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