First prototype USRA single sheathed box car


I have been working on trying to document the designs of the USRA freight cars in 3d (  My initial attempt is the USRA single sheathed box car.  The first prototype of this car, number " U.S. 0000" was built in October 1918 by Haskell & Barker Car Company under Lot 5179. Ultimately they went on to make 6,000 of these cars. I have two good builders' photos from the Railway Prototype Cyclopedia #17 of these cars, but not surprising they are black & white.  I am trying to determine how they were painted as they left the shop.  The lettering on the cars is clearly white and rest of the car body seems to be a single color.  Does anyone know what color that might be, I would presume it some sort of "standard" USRA color

Thanks for any assistance,

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