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Insurance companies don't like a lot of boxes lying around. They become fire hazards. I do not keep empty boxes, the risk is to great

Dale Florence

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Armand, you're not alone.
I too save kit boxes, as do a couple of my clients.
For me it was a good thing, when we decided to move last winter, packing the rolling stock was made far easier by having all the boxes.
And when the time comes for my collection to be sold it'll be a little easier with all those boxes.
Pierre Oliver
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I save all the boxes.I keep the cars not being used  in boxes on book shelves.In each box I have a car card with information such as  source,cost, purchase date,matching paint,weight, trucks ,couplers,repairs,last date on layout and value.And they are safe and do not collect dust.Armand Premo
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Clark, just run all your boxes through the trash compactor.
They will all be the same size then and leave you more room
for kits you might build someday. 
Chuck Peck in FL

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One of the kits I bought at the St Louis RPM is a different shape than what I’ve bought the last few years, more square. I like my boxes uniform, so I can stack the empty boxes by manufacturer on shelving under the layout. And to think my wife says I’m anal??
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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